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In a letter dated 29 May 2020, the Provincial of the former Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus announced his decision to close the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth, effective August 2021.  You may read the Provincial’s letter, accompanying FAQs, and Br. Derby’s letter of response here.


While we are sorrowful at the decision, we are focused on the remaining time of ministry here in Wernersville.  The Jesuit Center will continue to offer retreats and other programs for spiritual renewal, and to host groups, through August 2021.  You can see our 2020-2021 program calendar here.


In the summer of 1959, I had a job, was paid, but given much free time.  I thought I had settled the matter of a religious vocation with the negative answer I had arrived at after two retreats earlier in the year, but the summer free-time gave me time to read.  I picked up Fr. William Bangert's life of an early companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Peter Faber.  About two-thirds through the book, To the Other Towns, I read a portion of a letter Faber had written to a Cornelius Wischaven, who seemed, more or less, to be at the same place that I was at.  Faber wrote: “God wants us to seek the higher gifts.”  Suddenly, I realized that I could do it.  I would do it!  I would try, and with God's grace, to be a Jesuit and a priest.




“God wants us to seek the higher gifts.” 



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Fr. Bob Wiesenbaugh, SJ –

Pastoral Minister