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In the summer of 1959, I had a job, was paid, but given much free time.  I thought I had settled the matter of a religious vocation with the negative answer I had arrived at after two retreats earlier in the year, but the summer free-time gave me time to read.  I picked up Fr. William Bangert's life of an early companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Peter Faber.  About two-thirds through the book, To the Other Towns, I read a portion of a letter Faber had written to a Cornelius Wischaven, who seemed, more or less, to be at the same place that I was at.  Faber wrote: “God wants us to seek the higher gifts.”  Suddenly, I realized that I could do it.  I would do it!  I would try, and with God's grace, to be a Jesuit and a priest.




“God wants us to seek the higher gifts.” 



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