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It has been over 67 years since I began my life as a member of the Jesuit order on July 30, 1952, at the age of 18.  My call was influenced in large part by the example of the Jesuits who taught me at St. Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia, especially by the Jesuit scholastics, young men of dedication, humor, integrity, talent, and prayer.  It was also influenced by my dedicated, self-sacrificing parents – by my mother’s total devotion to her three children and by my father’s admiration for the Jesuits who had taught  him when he was a young boy in a struggling family whose immigrant father had brought them to New Orleans where my grandfather worked as a bookkeeper for a shipping company.  His son, my father, was given a scholarship to Jesuit High and then to Loyola University, where he earned a degree in dentistry. This 67-year journey with the Jesuits has given me many wonderful companions, a variety of ministries – teaching, preaching, writing, and spiritual direction – and has filled me with gratitude to God and Jesus and to His holy mother.



"This 67-year journey has filled me with gratitude to God and Jesus and to His holy mother."



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