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Cancelled: Saturday, March 21, 2020, 3PM and 7PM

Choral Chameleon Ensemble - If I Left the Zoo 

A concert statement on running away, only to find yourself

right where you have always belonged. 


When we turn on the news, it doesn’t matter if we are leaning to the right or to the left.  We throw up our hands and dream out loud about moving somewhere else where we can start over again.


But what if the slate were actually wiped clean?  What if we could just put all of our foregone national pride behind us and pretend like none of this ever happened?  What if we left this zoo? Would we each eventually find Utopia or would we fall into the same never-ending search as the rest of humanity since the beginning of creation?


The Choral Chameleon Ensemble explores the primal instincts in humans and the stories and fables of earth’s creatures and transformations in this epic narrative concert.


At the center, the profound “Prayers from the Ark” of British composer, Ivor R. Davies gives a vulnerable empathetic voice to bird, cat, raven, mouse, and dove – but only after showing us a mirror of ourselves in Noah, ever complaining of his exhaustion from the daily grind of work and the world around him.


Added to the program are the world premiere of Edward Thompson's whimsical new a cappella trilogy, “Aphorisms of the Zookeeper,” Lauren Bydalek's deeply moving “Pieces of My Heart” and musical comments from our friends, John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the form of “Blackbird” and “I Am the Walrus.”


Don’t miss this shape-shifting and life-affirming concert event with one of New York's best award-winning ensembles.

The Arts at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth

Choral Chameleon

The core of Choral Chameleon, the Ensemble, currently comprises ten professional singers, representing the best combination of musicianship and diversity of musical backgrounds in NYC.  They are fearless pioneers in the world of new choral music and adventurous programming, and who bring Choral Chameleon’s signature experience to audiences beyond the City.



Vince Peterson 

Composer, Conductor,

and Keyboardist

Email: vincepeterson@gmail.com


We are sorry to announce that Choral Chameleon Ensemble - If I Left the Zoo concert has been cancelled.

At this time, the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth remains open for retreats and groups, although some programs have been or will be canceled. If you have questions, please contact our registrar, Melinda Leonowitz, at mleonowitz@jesuitcenter.org or 610-670-3642.